Jan 18, 2011

Ola Costa Rica

I had the chance to visit Costa Rica for 30 days on a business trip.  I was a bit worried at first since it's a spanish speaking country and I will most likley get myself un-understood (if there is such a word).  This is my second time to travel international and first to the Americas.

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May 10, 2009

Meeting the French

I've finally met the man featured in the Entrepreneur Magazine (forgot the month issue) and once featured in The Inquirer. I personally met Wally saturday at Montebello, through an invitation. I got to see the very delicious bonbons and try some of it. I tried the best selling hard and soft caramels, fruit-filled candies, and the liquor candy was a blast! With my experience, i ended up bagging-in a pack of lollipops and ofcourse, a pack of liquor candy!

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Mar 13, 2009

Once upon a time in Formosa

January of 2008, I was in an 'emergency' dispatch visit to a certain customer in taiwan. it was tuesday when we decided that I leave cebu and my visa is due to arrive saturday. i had no money, i haven't got a chance to prepare myself. but i am 80% confident to present my report for the customer. 4 days in taiwan, could have sounded better as a jauntly vacation, but as a cutomer visit, i'd rather do it on the first day when i arrive and spend the last 3 in spots worth blogging about.

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Feb 18, 2009

Feeling Bacolodians

This is long overdue, more than a year in counting. Classmates turned Officemates GM and Chris tied the knot october of 2007. These two are dear to their office-buddies, so we flew all the way to bacolod on the 22nd.

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Jun 26, 2006


The prophesy is almost fulfilled, not speaking about the end of the world nor have i won the lottery, but my little blue atm card hungers for nourishment. i'm fearful that the 15 day remuneration no longer suffies my dailies.

well i don't care, *cough*cough*cough*, 'course i do- DENG!

"money i earn is hard earned, therefore money spent should be well spent"

this ain't my motto nor my life verse, but that-i cared to squeeze in my partial roll of daily-quote(s)-to-survive-earth.

so i did...

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May 20, 2006

Summer confessions of an Introvert

Summer is almost over!!! I'm a bit excited to embark on my 2nd year, although not as excited as I was a year ago. For the record, I have changed my career path, from being a rep to a repair specialist. Darn that title ("specialist"), sounds like I solve crimes better than Gary S.!!! lulz!!!

To be honest, a change in career brings with it a package of RENEWAL! Felt like I was baptized, reborn, rejuvinated!!! I was never as hopeless as I felt before. I pray, constantly do, that I'm on a right track. THE TRACK.

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Mar 18, 2006

The Profiled "Tulis"

It's been a while--a long while since my last post! I'm not a blogger really, not a daily poster as well. But what inspired me to write are extreme feelings, like this one...

This morning we went to Sykes. Our cool prof, who's got weired acronyms tagging along her last name, joined us in our Organizational Behavior tour to one of the pioneering call centers in the Phils. There wasn't much people at 10am! We were warmly welcomed and led to a training room for a little briefing. Archi was modest enough to answer all our questions, and a bit sly in avoiding our prof's firey interrogations! haha! (yes-interrogation), fortunately, Palm allowed us to jaunt their floors and spoke to one of their SME's.

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