Mar 18, 2006

The Profiled "Tulis"

It's been a while--a long while since my last post! I'm not a blogger really, not a daily poster as well. But what inspired me to write are extreme feelings, like this one...

This morning we went to Sykes. Our cool prof, who's got weired acronyms tagging along her last name, joined us in our Organizational Behavior tour to one of the pioneering call centers in the Phils. There wasn't much people at 10am! We were warmly welcomed and led to a training room for a little briefing. Archi was modest enough to answer all our questions, and a bit sly in avoiding our prof's firey interrogations! haha! (yes-interrogation), fortunately, Palm allowed us to jaunt their floors and spoke to one of their SME's.

Lunch then was at Shakey's, super platter!, never did I imagine it was that heavy, as in meal! but before all the munching and mastication, we agreed to share our prof's supper platter since she wants some salad and mojo's and don't want the rest of it. Our plates arrived and she(the prof) shoved all the spaghetti on my plate! (exaggeration lang para action) I was a bit worried since I haven't phoo'd and phee'd before I left the apartment. haha not so gross?

The meal was great, and tea was bottomless! (had about 5 glasses) The malingering feeling of phoo'ing and phee'ing was iminent! lolz I know myself that much that I was recalling Ayala's floor plan! hahaha (you should know what I was looking for). Anyway, I could handle it(said to myself), I've mastered the art of Muscle Control! hahahaha

I haven't even fotocopied the notes from the last class(frustrated class) coz I was in a hurry to hitch with Zach. Zach dropped me infront of San Miguel, i took a TAMYA(exactly how i heard it) for the afternoon's english class!

a kilometer later a guy sat next to me and he looked like a "Tulis" Forgive me for judging him right away, but that's how i profile such! my next reaction is to find a seat away from him, so I DID! I sat not directly across him, hmmm, me being a little near the entrance so i'll be ready for his moves! whatever he plans! PARANOIA!!!

anyway, the closer we were to MEPZ2 the more frequent his stares at me and the people around. seems to me, he's formulating the best maneuver to grab all our valuables and escape! I was confident that he won't dare such since the two guys at the far end looks more scary than he is! lolz I was thinking, if he shows any intention, sigurado, BUGBUGON SYA NAMO! I meant nila, haha, Tanaw ra ko. :)

we reached petron(humay2) the darn TAMYA jip stopped for a refill!!! I did notice that he-"Tulis"(as profiled) guy- winked, as in winked to one of the trisikol driver! I suspect, if he was a friend, the greeting would have been warmer, grander! haha THAT Wink was suddenly associated (i did the association) to a PLAN!!! (you'll get the picture if you've watched i-robot) He(the profiled tulis) got off the jeep and instantly stared back at me, while constantly making eye contact with his trisikol driver friend, NOW I WAS TREMBLING. To me, this was the best time to pull-off his stunt since he was in a much safer place to escape... By my God Given Agility and Soundness! haha, i transfered seats, farther from his access. They rode away while we were refilling the darn jip and I was still shaking!!! Literally shaking!!! and Cold!!!

Toinks pa jud! the jip was only up to the Gate, so i got off and RAN!!! RAN RAN RAN!!! at the very same time, i was pulling off a "busy-look" so as not to be obvious i was scared of something! or somebody. They might still be near so I did what I thought was best!

Relief came when I punched in my card. In the office, people where there. I grabbed the opportunity to be "useful". Jewit was there, doing her master's thing and Leeza as well organizing stuffs. some people who works on the weekends were there as well. To summarize the lenghty prose, sige ra mi katawa ni jewit sa iya gipabuhat nako kay confusing kaayo. She was so into rewarding herself kung mahuman ang iyang thesis while I was trying to recover from a very traumatic experience.


  1. wow JP ! super ! maau na kaau ka ug japanese ha ! asa ka kuha ana mga podcasts ? share sad ba ...

    God bless ,miss yah =)

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